Participation and stakeholder involvement

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The construction industry is facing major challenges. The increasing shortage of skilled workers and the scarcity of resources are influencing the development of construction prices and construction activities. A high demand for living space contrasts with a blanket vacancy of retail space in city centres and new mobility concepts require a rethink in transport planning and urban development. These far-reaching changes entail risks in the feasibility and acceptance of innovative technologies and call for a rethink in many respects.

The development and anchoring of long-term concepts requires the involvement of a large number of experts and actors from the public and private sectors. The teaching and research area for real estate project development (iPE) tests and investigates trend-setting approaches and project ideas in building, neighbourhood, urban and regional planning in a real-life environment. In close exchange with business, science, politics and society, solutions for important future issues are developed in an experimental environment. On the basis of empirical studies, consequences for planning and building practice as well as facility management are formulated.

Through participation and stakeholder involvement, concrete needs and expertise can be systematically integrated into project development and made usable in the long term for technological advances and new planning approaches at other locations. Under the heading "Mitmachen" on the SmartQuart homepage, for example, all citizens can contribute their interests and needs for the energy and resource transition in the neighbourhood in relation to their own living, housing and working situation. The survey will be used to examine possible incentives and hurdles for planning and building practice and to further develop the underlying funding programmes.

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