Stegreif | Rethinking Real Estate: Emotional Buildings and Districts

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Within the framework of the impromptu project, the students develop and visualize ideas and approaches to solutions, with the help of which a harmonious interaction between people and intelligent buildings or quarters can be achieved. The concept should focus on the emotional level of the users as well as the functional and technical level of the building or neighborhood.
Within the scope of the impromptu, the feasibility, target groups, use of resources and possible financing concepts are to be specified, among other things. An introductory event will be held at the beginning of the work phase to explain the task. A work period of four weeks is planned. At the end, students will present their ideas and implementation concepts in a short "idea pitch".

The impromptu will take place in cooperation with Drees & Sommer.

Degree M.Sc. Architecture
Module Stegreif
Number of participants 30
Processing group work (depending on number of participants 3-6 students)
SWS 0,5
ECTS 1,5
Registration Course and exam via RWTHonline
Submission Presentation and written work
Appointments Start: 14.04.2021, introductory event and further information for download via RWTHmoodle
Kick-off date for the presentation of the assignment (to be announced)
Working period: 4 weeks
Supervision: by arrangement
Deadline for submission: 4 weeks after kick-off

Marianne Wyrwoll, M.Sc.
Frank Schnitzer (Drees & Sommer)

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Beusker