M2.1 | Innovative urban building blocks for Aachen

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In the M2.1 project, the students deal with sustainable and innovative solutions for the urban development of Aachen. Based on an introduction to the topic, the students first work in two groups on the topics of resource efficiency and circular economy as well as digitalization. In this work phase, the students develop concepts for innovative urban building blocks, which in a next step are further developed into holistic solutions in interdisciplinary teams through multi-layered considerations in the regional context and calculations.

The deepening of innovative ideas for the development of new urban spaces in Aachen is also a focus of the project work, as is the discussion and further development of interim results and the description, evaluation and preparation of results in the form of a written paper.


M.Sc. Architecture,

Module Project M2.1 (elective subject)
Attendance 16
Processing group work
Registration Course and exam via RWTHonline
Submission Written elaboration and presentation of a design
Appointments Start: 13.04.2021, introductory event and further info to download via RWTHmoodle.
Supervision: Tuesdays (10:00-14:00, via VC)
Deadline: vsl. 27.07.2021 (17.00 h) in the iPE (print delivery and digital via RWTHmoodle)

Jana Heinemann, M.Sc.; Marianne Wyrwoll, M.Sc.
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Beusker