M2.1 | Sustainable research buildings

  Drawing of a railway station © iPE  

As part of the project and design work M2.1 in the summer semester 2023, students will gain insights into the work of project development and deepen these in the context of an investigation of the requirements for flexible and adaptable research buildings on the RWTH campus.

In particular, the following main topics will be dealt with:

  • Developing and specifying general and specific requirements (building structure, building services, etc.)
  • Functions and zoning
  • Addressing the life cycle (retrofittability, expandability, etc.)
  • Examination of new planning tools
  • Economic efficiency
  • Elaboration of a design taking into account previously elaborated requirements.

The students receive an introduction to scientific work, the handling of various sources and are supervised in the writing of the paper.


M.Sc. Architecture


Project M2 (Compulsory elective module)

Number of participants 16
Processing Group work (group of 2)

Course and exam via RWTHonline

Submission Written work with draft and seminar supplement, presentation (plans)

Start: 11.04.2023, introductory event
Supervision: Tuesdays (9:00-13:00)
Deadline: 17.07.2023 (digital via RWTHmoodle)
Presentation: 18.07.2023 (plans) in the iPE


Maren Heck, M.Sc., RWTH
Univ.- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Beusker