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The Polis Convention is a trade fair on the topic of urban and project development. Stakeholders at the fair will include cities and municipalities, investors, financiers, architects, planners and project developers. In addition to interesting lectures and the opportunity to get in touch with companies, the Polis Convention offers the City Lab especially for students.

As part of the impromptu we will visit the Polis Convention in Düsseldorf. At the convention we will listen to various lectures and participate in workshops of the city lab. Based on this, we will reflect on our impressions of the fair in a term paper.


M.Sc. Architecture


Compulsory elective module

Number of participants 30
Processing Indiviual work
SWS 0,5
ECTS 1,5

Course and exam via RWTHonline

Submission Participation in the Polis Convention, written homework

06.04.2022 15:00-16:00, Introductory event

Polis Convention: 27.04. - 28.04.2022
Deadline: 01.06.2022 (print submission and digital via RWTHmoodle)


Marianne Wyrwoll, M.Sc. RWTH