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Within the framework of the research field, the sustainability of university buildings is investigated and evaluated. Based on this, the students examine the transferability of the knowledge gained to future building projects with different framework conditions. The investigation of various parameters for sustainable planning and construction and the evaluation using various key figures are at the centre of the research field.

The results are prepared in written form, discussed in various working groups and presented at the end of the semester.

Building on the results in the winter semester 2022, the research field can be continued in the summer semester 2023. For this purpose, the students develop research questions during their studies, which they investigate in more detail in the further course of their studies.

The students get an introduction to scientific work, the handling of different sources and are supervised during the writing of the written work.


M.Sc. Architecture


Research field (Elective subject)

Number of participants 16
Processing Individual work

Course and exam via RWTHonline

Submission Written elaboration and presentation of the results

13.10.2022 16:00-18:00, Introductory event
27.10.2022 16:00-18:00
10.11.2022 16:00-18:00
17.11.2022 16:00-18:00      
08.12.2022 16:00-18:00
22.12.2022 16:00-18:00, delivery and presentation


Maren Heck, M.Sc. RWTH
Marianne Wyrwoll, M.Sc. RWTH
Univ.- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Beusker