Stegreif | Project Development - A Case Study from Practice

  Rough outline of a construction project Copyright: © Excerpt from a student paper at iPE (2018)  

As part of the course, students learn the essential components of project development. The project developer, Cilon GmbH, provides various practical insights. On November 10th, a full-day workshop will be held in collaboration with the project developer. The focus of the event is the project development cycle, which will be concretized through a case study.

Following the workshop, students will prepare a term paper in which previous design projects are examined in terms of their development process.

Degree Program M.Sc. Architecture
Module Elective Course
Number of Participants 16
Type of Work Individual/Group
Contact Hours per Week (SWS) 2
ECTS Credits 3 CP
Registration Course registration and examination through RWTHonline
Assessment Written assignment

Start: October 19, 2023, introductory session

Supervision: Thursdays (9:00 AM - 10:00 AM)

Full-day workshop: November 10, 2023

Instructor Marianne Wyrwoll, M.Sc. RWTH