M1 Draft | Trilogy for Dortmund (10th Schlaun Competition)


Course of studies: M.Sc. Architecture
Semester: Winter semester 2021/2022
Supervisor: Lisa von Wittenhorst, M.Sc.
Examiner: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Beusker
Teaching and Research Department for Real Estate Project Development

The 10th Schlaun Competition was held in 2021/2022 under the title "Trilogy for Dortmund". It dealt with three formerly prosperous quarters of Dortmund, some of which are to be incorporated into the regionally organised International Garden Exhibition (IGA) 2027 in the future. The students dealt with the partial task for architects, which included the area of the Dortmund wholesale market in the Kronprinzenviertel.

As part of the M1 project work in winter semester 21/22, the students developed a future-oriented design for the quarter on the wholesale market site based on the competition task. Various urban development concepts were developed for a new, lively residential quarter on the site of the former wholesale market, which covers an area of almost 22 hectares. The studies are characterised by connecting green structures that make the competition area part of the IGA, sustainable mobility concepts, neighbourhood meeting places and innovative forms of housing. In addition to the competition task, the students worked out more in-depth architectural designs for a selected section of the neighbourhood.