MT | Feasibility study of the new administration building in Krefeld


Students: Maudine Kanders
Course of studies: M.Sc. Architecture
Semester: Winter semester 2020/2021
Examiner: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Beusker

As part of her master's thesis in WS 2019/2020, Ms Kanders has developed a strategy for revitalising Theaterplatz in Krefeld's city centre. The location has been struggling with structural problems for a long time and the new overall concept, consisting of a student residence, an event venue, a market hall and a green and flexible outdoor space in front of it, is intended to create a new experience space with an impulse effect - the Seidenweberhaus 21.

To develop the concept, the overall inner-city structure was first examined and a vision for the future of Krefeld's inner city was developed, which is intended to permanently increase Krefeld's attractiveness by creating new points of attraction, links and synergies. The theatre square as a cultural focal point sets the initial spark within the future vision.