M2 Draft Children's Hospital for the University Hospital Aachen 


Student: Lea Reinschmidt, Sina Wolpert; Laura Paraschiv
Degree: M.Sc. Architecture
Semester: Summer 2017 and Winter 2017/18
Tutor: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Beusker
Chair for Real Estate Development

Hospital buildings are highly complex infrastructural buildings which, in addition to purely functional, economic and efficient requirements, also have to comply with qualitative requirements. As part of the M2 draft "A Children's Hospital for the University Hospital of Aachen", the students first dealt intensively with the hospital building typology and designed a children's hospital for the University Hospital Aachen (M2.1) with the given room program.

In the second step, the students worked out their M2.1 design with regard to individual specialization (M2.2). The design work was accompanied by close cooperation with HDR GmbH, which supported the design process with specialist knowledge in the form of lectures and guest reviews. An excursion to the University Hospital Bonn gave the students an insight into the built practice.