M1 Spatial future perspectives for the city of Aache


Student: Marco Urbatzka, Sofia Sudermann
Degree: M.Sc. Architektur
Semester: Winter 2020/2021
Tutor: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Beusker

The M1 project "Spatial Future Perspectives for the City of Aachen" was developed at the Department of Real Estate Project Development (iPE) in cooperation with the Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components (PEM) at RWTH Aachen University, SmartMunk GmbH and "Ingenieure retten die Erde e.V.".


The aim of the project was to develop a vision of the future for Aachen and to derive related location potentials. In their work, the students constantly considered the question "What makes our city livable? In order to be able to answer this question, three consecutive work steps were developed within the framework of the M1 project. First, the students identified the trends and future questions of urban development based on the Aachen*2030 master plan and examined the current state of the city. Based on this, a spatial vision and various location potentials of the city were developed. In the last step, the students developed a citizen survey to validate the future perspectives. The survey was designed to use the Real Virtual Reality Table (REVRT), an interactive planning table from the company SmartMunk, to communicate with citizens. In this way, the vision for Aachen's urban development developed as part of the M1 project can be made transparently accessible to citizens.

Overall, the work provides the city of Aachen and its citizens with a basis for creating user acceptance in the deepening and further development of the topic area "City of Tomorrow".

The iPE will continue to address the urban development of Aachen in future projects.