Focus areas

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Participation and stakeholder involvement

The construction industry is facing major challenges. The increasing shortage of skilled workers and the scarcity of resources are influencing the development of construction prices and construction activities. A high demand for living space stands in contrast to a widespread vacancy...


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Energy-efficient building

Within the framework of the research area of energy-efficient construction, the diverse non-technical factors and framework conditions that influence the implementation of energy-efficient buildings are to be investigated. In addition to the economic efficiency of measures, this also includes investment incentives through regulations as well as legal requirements...


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SmartQuart is intended to show that this is already technically and economically possible today within a neighbourhood and in interaction with neighbouring neighbourhoods. Essen and Bedburg in North Rhine-Westphalia and Kaisersesch in Rhineland-Palatinate together form this real laboratory.


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Smart Cities

Within the framework of the research work Analysis and Evaluation of Smart Cities, these national and international differences in quality are examined. The maturity level of smart cities is filtered out and compared in various categories. Based on this benchmarking...


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Revitalisation of department stores

The stationary retail trade is increasingly under economic pressure due to the steadily growing online trade (e-commerce). The sales and market shares of the large German department stores' chains have been declining since the beginning of the 21st...


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Social housing promotion

As part of the federalism reform, responsibility for social housing promotion was transferred from the federal government to the Länder in 2006. Laws and regulations for the promotion of rented housing were to be enacted more appropriately for different needs and regulated on a Land-specific basis...


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Office building

New possibilities of digitalisation and the changed demands of Generation Y for flexible forms of work require new concepts of use. Architecture has an important role to play here. New working models such as 'Smart Office' or 'Flex Work' combine the advantages of multiple...


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Industrial construction

The development of efficient structures with a high level of planning quality and flexibility for industrial construction include new construction measures as well as maintenance and modernisation tasks...


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Hospital construction

Hospital construction in Germany is characterised by buildings from the 1960s and 1970s. These were originally characterised by functional and compact structures with efficient hospital logistics. Over time, numerous conversions and extensions have swelled these structures into complex and large-format buildings...


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Church reconstruction

Churches play a decisive role in shaping the centres of villages and neighbourhoods and have a great idealistic significance for the communities. Vacant churches have lost this function and charisma. The conversion of a sacred building does not allow for a return to an old state...


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Occupancy costs of school buildings

The financially weak budgets of the federal, state and local governments force those responsible to comprehensively manage all cost-influencing factors that have a negative impact on the total amount of their investments...