Social Housing Promotion

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In 2006, responsibility for social housing promotion was transferred from federal to state governments as part of federalism reform. This has the advantage that laws and regulations can be issued according to the different needs of the federal states. However, this means that the current, country-specific laws and funding offers of the federal states at different levels and the various funding offers are difficult to compare.

Considering the increasing demand and decreasing stock of privately owned housing, it seems reasonable to assume that the framework conditions of social housing promotion must be optimized with regard to the efficiency of housing projects.

The aim of this research is to empirically investigate the relationships between the regional framework conditions, the political objectives and the realized projects and to compare them between the selected federal states. In this way, the strengths, weaknesses and potentials of the specific control systems of individual federal states are to be investigated and identified.

A variety of project partners, for example Construction companies, project developers, architectural firms as well as public and private partners, support the work by provide planning documents and information on realized construction projects.