Survey on student Housing

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The Studierendenwerk wants to create student housing that is in line with demand and meets the expectations of today's students. But how do young people really want to live today? Do they prefer to live in single apartments, in shared apartments or in corridor rooms? Should a residence hall offer plenty of room for community, or is proximity to the university the top priority?

The Studierendenwerk would like to involve its student residents in the creation of future construction and renovation concepts in the area of housing: In cooperation with the Institute for Real Estate Project Development (iPE), the approximately 5,000 students living in the residence halls are being asked about their satisfaction with their residence halls, their wishes and their assessment of current and future housing trends via an online survey. The goal is to use valuable input for planning new housing projects as well as renovation projects, such as the redesign of the four towers on Rütscher Strasse.

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