Church reconstruction

  Diagram: Location/object of the Elisabeth Church in Aachen © Engbrocks, iPE  

Churches play a decisive role in shaping the centres of villages and neighbourhoods and have a great idealistic significance for the communities. Vacant churches have lost this function and charisma. The conversion of a sacred building does not make it possible to return it to its former state, but it does offer the opportunity to establish a new centre in the community, to continue community life and to expand community activities. This potential for reorientation must be used and developed further.

In cooperation with Baukultur Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. zu Zukunft - Kirchen - Räume, numerous dioceses, project developers, architects, specialist planners and users, the Teaching and Research Institute for Real Estate Project Development (iPE) is investigating converted churches, their backgrounds, framework conditions and structural requirements.

Baukultur: Umnutzung von Kirchen