Social housing promotion

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As part of the federalism reform, responsibility for social housing promotion was transferred from the federal government to the Länder in 2006. Laws and regulations for the promotion of rented housing were to be enacted more appropriately for different needs and regulated on a Land-specific basis. As a result, there were considerable differences in the subsidy offers of the Länder, which make it difficult to compare the planning bases and requirements for price-linked housing construction to this day and make the provision of new price-linked housing more difficult.

Within the framework of the research work, the funding conditions and guidelines were compared and evaluated in detail on the basis of five federal states. The aim was to reduce existing obstacles to project development and to identify optimisation potentials for the further development of rental housing promotion for Germany.

The work was carried out with a large number of public and private project partners and companies. Strengths and weaknesses of the control systems of individual federal states are clearly described. On the basis of interviews with experts, an assessment of the financial viability and the range of subsidies was made. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the regulations and funding conditions, the results of the study are presented in a clear and practice-oriented manner.