Repurposing of churches

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The Institute for Real Estate Project Development (iPE) publishes interesting examples of revitalised properties in the UMNUTZUNG series. This volume 1 on the conversion of churches contains 21 examples of deconsecrated and converted sacred buildings from North Rhine-Westphalia that were built between 1865-1965. The variety of new utilisation concepts for cultural buildings, columbariums, sports buildings, office and administration buildings, residential buildings and kindergartens vividly illustrates the potential for converting churches. In the documentation, special features of the property stock, the conversions undertaken and the urban context are uniformly described and systematically contrasted. Both new main uses and innovative concepts for mixed use of former church rooms are presented. The spectrum of building measures ranges from minor interventions to extensive conversion measures, modernisations and extensions. The volume also contains supplementary overviews on the chronological location of the buildings and mapping of the conversions described.

Building culture

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