The human factor as a driver for sustainable neighbourhood development

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V04: Human as a driver for sustainable neighbourhood development

10.05.2022 | 16:00 - 18.00 Uhr (H08 C.A.R.L)
Dipl.-Ing. Anna Rzymelka | Instone Real Estate SE


What challenges are the central players in the construction and real estate industry currently facing? To which future developments do they already have to find answers today? What influence does this have on their everyday work?

As part of our lecture series "Impulse aus der Baupraxis" (Impulses from Construction Practice) in the summer semester of 2022, we addressed these questions. A total of five exciting lectures led us through these questions.

People as an important factor for sustainable neighbourhood development! Anna Rzymelka, branch manager of Instone Real Estate in North Rhine-Westphalia, gave students an insight into her everyday work as a project developer on 28 June.

The main focus was on neighbourhood developments and the interesting question of which factors influence the success and sustainability of projects. What are the essential steps - from purchase to planning to sales - in the development of mixed-use neighbourhoods? How can new neighbourhoods be successfully integrated into existing neighbourhoods? And how important is the human factor as a driver for sustainable neighbourhood development?

Anna Rzymelka was able to answer all these and many more questions in her exciting lecture. Many thanks for this informative afternoon.