SmartQuart at GreenTech Expo II

  SmartQuart Banner in front of Super C Copyright: © iPE

November 2022


As part of the Knowledge Hub of RWTH Aachen University and its current theme "Green Technology - Environmental Technology for a Sustainable Future", GreenTech Expo II took place from 24 October to 10 November 2022. This time on the theme of "Energy". The more than twenty 3.50 metre by 1.80 metre banners of the open-air exhibition were set up directly on Templergraben in front of the Super C and the main building and could be visited free of charge. The exhibition addressed the change in the energy system and the urgently needed energy turnaround. It provided information on how this can succeed and presented new energy sources and innovative research projects at RWTH on this topic.

As the first "real laboratory of the energy turnaround", the SmartQuart research project was also represented, in which RWTH Aachen University is involved with the Department of Real Estate Project Development (iPE), the Chair of Building and Indoor Climate Technology (EBC) and the Chair of Energy Efficient Construction (e3D). In addition to the opportunity to find out about the research project, visitors were also able to get actively involved in shaping the energy transition via a survey .

All information and banner texts can be found here: GreenTech Expo II