House of the energy transition

  Participants of the project presentation stand around a blue table with models in the Couvenhalle Copyright: © iPE, RWTH Aachen

August 2021


As part of the SmartQuart real laboratory, the Kaisersesch municipality is planning to implement an energy transition house with a pilot character. The master's students of the teaching and research area for real estate project development (iPE) presented their designs for the new visitor:inside center from the summer semester 2021 at RWTH Aachen University on August 11.The building is to serve as an information center and venue for workshops and seminars on the energy transition and provide a good framework for exchange and citizen participation. Through changing exhibitions and event formats, interested parties can inform themselves directly on site about new technologies and the hydrogen quarter.

The wish of the Kaisersesch municipality is to establish an innovative building with supra-regional appeal. The designs include exhibition, seminar and gastronomy rooms on an area of about 500 sqm GFA and are characterized by innovative energy concepts for heating and cooling and novel approaches to sustainable and resource-saving construction.

The designs were presented to the representatives of the Kaisersesch municipal association and other project partners. In addition to the construction task, the students' plans also include integrated exhibition concepts to demonstrate novel technologies for different user groups and to increase acceptance.